One Day Intensive Course (Flower Arranging)
One Day Intensive Course (Flower Arranging)

The School of Ladygarden is now offering one day, intensive courses.

Each month, we will be offering a one day intensive course. This is ideal for people who want to try out floristry without committing to a full career change, or to really hone in on their creative talents!

With only four pupils per class, this is a great way to immerse yourself into the world of floristry and Ladygarden.

Join us in the Ladygarden studio transform take your love for flowers into a crafted and hands on skill.

What your day course will cover:

- Conditioning and cleaning flowers

- How to reflex roses

- Hand tied Bouquets

- Flower Care and Tips

- Arranging into vases 

- Flower Crown creation


 - We will provide all tools, florals and vases for your day course.

 - All flowers and arrangements are yours to take home at the end of the day.

 - We will have one hour break per day for a lunch. We have a small kitchen to warm up food should you want to bring this from home, or an array of delicious spots nearby to choose from.

- Tea and Coffee will be provided.

- We strongly encourage you to bring along either a laptop, or notebook and pen to take notes along your learning experience.

- Please wear comfortable clothes with covered toed shoes, and be mindful that we may get messy. We often used dyed materials, which may get on your clothes if not careful.

- Bring a pair of gloves if you have very sensitive skin! This will help protect your hands when working with blooms.

- Day courses will run from roughly 11am - 3.30pm. 

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