School of Ladygarden
We are so incredibly excited to open applications for the first series of students at the School Of Ladygarden.
Intensive Day Course: 11am-3pmEach month, we will be offering one day of our intensive courses. With only four pupils per class, this is a great way to immerse yourself into the world of floristry and Ladygarden.
 Join us in the Ladygarden studio with Kai and the senior design team, transform take your love for flowers into a crafted and hands on skill.
Intensive Career course (5 days): Our 5-day courses run quarterly. We open applications for classes of a maximum of 4 students at a time. This is designed for an intimate, hands on approach to Floral Design and we want to get to know and support each of you as best we can.
We will take you from basic flower care and Colour Theory to Tablescape creation, Vase arrangements in grid, Ikebana Design, Hand Tied Bouquets, Bridal focused creation, Clarifying personal and brand Identity, Budgeting and Quote creation, On site Installations and Market Trips.
Class of 2022 Intensive Course Dates: 
January 24-28
April 25-29
August 22-26
November 21-25
To enlist your interest, please email for a full brief and costing outline (with payment plan options!). 
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