Fresh Flowers

Our reimagined Signature Bouquet. Modern, sculptural and arranged in our Ladygarden aesthetic, with layers of texture and colour. 

Colours cannot be specified, and are always designers choice - BUT do expect our signature blooms, anthuriums, garden roses and gypsophilia.



One type of flower en-masse. Kai get’s this each week for her coffee table at home.

Flower choice is always lead by our team, trust us to choose the most beautiful, seasonal blooms available. Currently you may receive: Peonies, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas or Dahlias. 

BB Garden

So kitsch it's cute. Our mini ladygarden, arranged directly into a little jam jar. Perfect for perking up your office desk space, home office or dining table.


A luxurious statement centrepiece arranged into a clear vase.

Very bloom heavy, a flower explosion! All XPLOSIONS come with a clear vase.

Colours of centrepieces vary from week to week, reflective of the signature bunches. Perfect for tablescapes or an extra special gift! Colours cannot be specified, and are always designers choice - BUT do expect our signature blooms, anthuriums, garden roses and gypsophilia. 

Please note this is available for deliveries in LONDON only.


Full Moon Bundle with Cleopatras Bling
In this Full moon in Pisces, we have paired with Cleopatra's Bling to bring to you a bundle valued at over £200. You will receive an £80 cloud bouquet and a Moon Face Pendant. Available to ship nationwide (UK). This offer will be available for one month, from 21 September. 

The moon has always been a symbol of the woman. We find this mysterious relationship between the three phases of the Moon, the seasonal rhythms of the Earth, and the archetypical three stages in a woman's life. 

Embrace this full moon and harness the power of feminine energy. 

*pendant does not come with chain

About the Moon Face pendant... 
The moon is symbolically depicted in the lunar image of the Goddess. She represented the primary image that influenced nearly all concepts of Deity for at least 20,000 years.  

The classic Moon Face pendant captures feminine celestial energy. As the moon governs the movements of the tides in and out, in her dance through the heavens she also represents the ebb and flow of a woman’s divine force.

Flower Crown

Our first ladygarden floral accessory. Wearable at any occasion, crafted by our Ladygardeners. 

Colours can not be specified, and are reflective of the palette in studio that week. 

Delicate is a more minimal aesthetic, Bold features larger blooms for more of a statement and XL is an extra punchy, dramatic headpiece.