Mangal 2

Mangal 2

Mangal 2 started as our source of studio lockdown lunches, a brisk 3 minute walk from our old Shacklewell lane studio and we were met with glorious smiles, takeaway mackerel sandwiches and (large) portions of halloumi fries. Post lockdown, those blue doors became a local favourite (both a 5 min walk from the studio and 15 min walk from home) and - the rest is history, baby. 

I'd suggest booking a table, as you'll be strapped to find a seat most evenings in this ultra loveable local. The dining room is glowing with tables of happy eaters, with an exposed kitchen where you'll see wonder-chef Sertac Dirik working his magic with his troops behind the grill. As they say, Love Kebabs - Hate Racism. 

Where: Mangal 2, 4 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BH

Order: Mushroom Manti, and the Cull Yaw Chop (j'adore). 

Then, go for a cocktail across the way at High Water - or if you fancy a loose night, do as the industry locals do and get a salty margarita at TIPSY.

ENJOY! Send my love to the team there if you go <3 


Big love


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