Eat My Lady Garden by Kaiva Kaimins - Marksman

Eat My Ladygarden: The Marksman

What: The Marksman Public House 

Where: 254 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SJ

Vibe: Modern British classics in a blaaaady laaaavly pub. Cute interior. 

Rating: 2 Ladygardens 

The Down Low: Finally got around to trying, what word on the street calls, the best roast in London. The Sunday menu at £40 will get you a three course elaganza: we tried the Crab Soup and Duck Rillettes as a starter, the Beef Rump with trimmings for our mains. Sticky toffee pudding with cream to finish. To be fair, it was bloody delicious. Glorious customer service, and a super lively atmosphere on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The only reason it's getting 2 ladygardens, and not 3, is that i'd rate the Sunday menu more if you didn't have to have three courses. It's deluxe, but sometimes I just want a roast without a starter. You know? Was glorious though. Next time, I'm getting the beef rib. OOOOOOFT. Do recommend. 

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