Kaiva Kaimins at Maison Bertaux

Eat My Ladygarden: Maison Bertaux

What: Maison Bertaux

Where: 28 Greek St, London W1D 5DQ

Vibe: A cute, classic French Patisserie with a multi layered interior and kitsch interior. Ideal for a pot of tea, people watching and a slice of cake. 

Rating: 3 Ladygardens (One of my favourites)

The Down Low: Order the Strawberry Cheesecake with a pot of Earl Grey Tea. Sit out the front, people watch. It's glorious. You'll find this iconic little spot in the middle of Soho, usually quiet during the week and heaving on weekends. I like to go around 3pm and grab a table outside, which is particularly sublime in the late Spring. Small bottles of flowers on each table bring bursts of colour both inside and out. The window is overflowing and in abundance of pastries, with so many layers of buttery puff your heart will have palpitations. Notice the interior decorations change, especially around Valentines day and Christmas. Enjoy this little slice of heaven. Order inside, and grab a table. The staff are exceptional and love a chat. Treat yourself well, and grab an Eclair or two to go. 

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