Eat My Lady Garden - Dim sum and duck dumplings

Eat My Ladygarden: Dim Sum and Duck

What: Dim Sum and Duck 

Where: 124 King's Cross Rd, London WC1X 9DS

Vibe: Casual, low key, family run absolute gem of a restaurant. 

Rating: 3 Ladygardens (if there was an option for four, this would have it - dare I say it ticks all boxes possible for me)

The Down Low: I had this on my list of spots to try for the last six months. At first, I was meant to go on a date with a guy last summer (Dumplings are, and always will be one of my love languages) - and he would not stop raving about the place. In the space of the last month, I've been three Monday evenings in a row. I pride myself in perusing London for the finest Succulent Chinese Meals with my good friend Liam, and we both were simply shook at our first experience here. It even made it on a Skype call with Liams Grandfather in Florida - that good. Top tips: Show up just before 6pm, as service shuts between 5-6pm and there is ALWAYS a queue forming upon arrival. Here's what we order for two: Shangai soup dumplings (obviously), Cheung Fun with Prawn or Pork, the prawn dumplings (!!!), Pork Buns (steamed to PERFECTION), 1/4 Duck (the sauce here is the real winner, and that fatty fatty skin), Salt and Pepper squid and some kind of rice or noodle, depending on how hungry you are. We also tried the brisket soup and it was a hug in a bowl. I also go for a can of coke + a beer to really seal the deal. Welcome to heaven xx

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