So we're talking about baubles...

I like to gather baubles each year, typically starting with three at the Liberty Christmas Shop (and a cocktail at SWIFT bar in SOHO after - its a tradition) - bear with me here, I go every year with the intention that in 10 years time i'll have a full tree of Liberty baubles with various memories! Makes it feel extra special. But, this year - i've found some other baubles that have caught my eye. Obviously, these will be in addition to my Liberty haul... 

1) Anissa Kermiche PORNAMENTS:

I love these, raunchy, cute, pearlescent - and make a great gift. What more do you bloody want. 

2) More joy SEX baubles:

3) This cute FIG ornament from Fortnum and Mason...

Hope these bring some love and inspiration to you this festive season!

Big love,



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